Build trust with Paypal, easily

Synchronize tracking numbers to Paypal transactions help
making your account more reliable and increase customers' happiness

Notice: Our connection between Shopify and PayPal is well encrypted and
no personal data is stored by us.

Why picking Tracking2Paypal ?

Tracking2Paypal is a very simple and direct Shopify app whereas it could help business owners resolve an important aspect with Paypal within a very short time.


Synchronizing tracking numbers to Paypal would just be done and you would never be bothered by Paypal or your customers' complaints.


There is no limitation with this app. Uploading 100 or even 1000 tracking numbers to Paypal is never a problem to you anymore.


Setting up or using the app is very easy so that it could save you time and still be super effective.


Tracking2Paypal is FREE for syncing 100 tracking numbers per month.
But we gonna charge you $9.99 per month, for unlimited usage

Free Plan

  • FREE forever

  • Multiple Paypal account

  • Limit to 100 tracking per month

  • Check if tracking uploaded to Paypal

Ultimate Plan

  • $9.99 per month / $100 per year

  • Auto-pilot

  • Multiple Paypal account

  • Unlimited tracking uploads

  • Priority synchronizing queue

  • Check if tracking uploaded to Paypal

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